My Sooty

My wee cat Sooty died a couple of weeks ago. She was 14, not old enough. I loved her. I loved her so much that I feel my heart break anew when I remember that she is gone. I don’t want to forget her, I don’t want the passing of time to mean I can’t recall the little things that she did

She came to us one day, a wee kitten,
her little sister (named Sweep)following her… She ran up our driveway as if she knew we would love her, and even though we made a show of trying to find who her owners were, we were sold and had to keep her.

She was stubborn, and her own cat. She knew what she wanted, didn’t like being picked up but would come in her own time, jumping on your lap and curling up to sleep.

She loved the bathroom! Used to adore me turning on the sink tap and would bat the water with her paw.. She would love to watch the water go down the plug hole in the bath and would purr her head off, often clawing you to get her to stroke her again. I am forever glad that she didn’t jump in the bath when it was full!

She was a wee person in cat clothing, I can’t bare that I won’t see her again, last time I was home she wouldn’t leave me alone and sat on my lap every time I sat down

I am so grateful that she lived a wonderful life with people that loved her, and that nothing bad happened to her and the end came quickly

I think it was Ricky Gervais in Derek that said ‘if pets don’t get into heaven, I want to go where all the pets are’ and I get it. She was the sweetest thing. And loosing her is the price you pay for love






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