12 Places Associated with King Richard III

531 years ago today, King Richard III was killed in battle, fiercely and bravely fighting to defend his Kingship and realm. (I wrote a high level blog about it here)

In honour of King Richard, I give you 12 places that he would have known well, and/ or were associated with key moments in his short life. He was only 32 years old when he was killed, and what a turbulent, active, 32 years it was.

He is well known for the way that he died, but not many know about the events of life.


From the top left, working clockwise:

1. Church of St. Mary and All Saints, Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire – the Parish church in the township of Richard’s birth, the church his father completed, and the final resting place of his parents and brother. Richard acted as chief mourner, re-interring his father and brother in a solemn ceremony after they were hastily buried at Pontefract

2. Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, the strong hold where a 7 year old Richard was left to the mercy of the enemy Lancastrian army, along with his mother and younger siblings.

3. Middleham Castle, Wensleydale, where Richard spent some time under the tutelage of the Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick

4. Brugge, Belgium (Flanders), when Richard’s brother King Edward IV was deposed in 1470, Richard accompanied him into exile.

5. After the Battle of Barnet, Richard fought alongside his brothers at the Battle of Tewkesbury, scotching the Lancastrian threat

6, 7, 8 Richard became Lord of the North on behalf of his brother, making Middleham Castle his home. He governed the Council of the North from Sheriff Hutton and spent time at, and improved Barnard Castle

9. Richard was petitioned  to accede to the throne in 1483 , after Edward V and his brother were declared illegitimate. His coronation at Westminster Abbey was attended by nearly every nobleman in England.

10 Kings College Chapel, Cambridge. Due to its Tudor appearance today, it is less well known that Richard gave money towards its completion

11. York Minster, well known to Richard, and also played a role in the investiture of his son Edward as Prince of Wales

12. Richard was killed at the Battle of Bosworth on the 22nd of August, 1485, with even his enemies declaring he fought bravely until the end. He is now buried in Leicester Cathedral, and honoured with a statue in the gardens, gifted by the Richard III society.

note: there are many more than 12 places associated with Richard, and many other events that shaped his life. These are just a few.

Requiescat in pace, King Richard. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti Amen

Deus, cui proprium est miseréri semper et parcere: súscipe deprecatiónem nostram; ut nos, et omnes fámulos tuos, quos delictórum catena constringit, miserátio tuæ pietátis clementer absolvat.

Propiciare animæ famuli tui Ricardi.

O God, whose nature and property is ever to have mercy and to forgive: receive our humble petitions; and though we be tied and bound by the chain of our sins, yet let the pitifulness of thy great mercy loose us.

Be merciful to soul of your servant, Richard.


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