About Fleeting Glimpse

My name is Julia, and I am OBSESSED with history!

London born, and New Zealand raised, I spent 7 years in the UK exploring it’s historic places with my camera in hand.

All photos on this blog are taken by me and I look forward to telling the stories of my photographs!

This is me, exploring Middleham castle!

This is me, exploring Middleham castle!

I love the idea of a place where in which many people have loved, laughed and lost over the centuries. In fact, it is only time that separates us from them, not space in many ways.

I hope to write about cathedrals, castles, and will be focusing in and around the characters, events and places of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Whilst I am not a historian, I hope I can give people a taste for exploring the past and give some people long gone their voice again.

I try to make sure that I present facts as facts, when we know them to be true but history is murky and there are often many takes on events and happenings.

Some of the stories of the past are more outrageous than any fiction.

6 thoughts on “About Fleeting Glimpse

  1. I came across your blog via The Freelance History Writer (occasionally guest-posting there), and have enjoyed them both. I kept mulling your tagline, “separated by time, not by space” and have concluded that statement is more accurate than six simple words would imply. Keep up the good work, from Erik at theoryofirony.

  2. I too came via The Freelance History Writer and have enjoyed reading your brief and insightful descriptions of people and places associated with my neighbours in Shropshire. However, you seem to consistently refer to the Welsh “Marshes” when I think you mean the MARCHES, referring to the wide strip of borderlands between England and Wales which were given by the Anglo-Norman kings to almost independent lords who, for long periods, more-or-less made up their own rules. I live in the middle of the Marches and (like any borderland, I guess) it’s still an interesting – and sometimes uncertain – place to be.

  3. Trying to view your article on 10 facts about Richard III and it is not taking my WordPress password. Is there another password that works?

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