Portrait of Arthur Tudor, painted in the year of his marriage to Katharine of Aragon, 1501. Owned by the Bridgeman Art Library

Arthur Tudor – Part One: Growing up the Prince of Wales

Who was Henry VII’s heir and hope? This is the story of Arthur Tudor, the first Tudor Prince of Wales


Arthur Tudor – Part Two: Marriage to Katharine of Aragon

Arthur’s father’s triumph, the union of the Prince of Wales and the Spanish Infanta




Arthur Tudor – Part Three: Twist of Fate and Unfulfilled Destiny

The sad conclusion to Arthur’s story



Arthur Tudor’s Widow – Katharine of Aragon

The difficult early years of Katharine’s life in England after the death of her young husband.


DSC_0025Three Lives of Hampton Court

A History of the Palace and three of its incarnations


IMG_4540Sleeping over with the Tudors

An account of spending the night at one of the greatest palaces in England (part one)


dsc_0035Connecting Elizabeth I with Norwich Cathedral

A brief article on Elizabeth’s Boleyn relatives

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